At Delter we’re all about transforming the micro finance industry through technology. As such, our system offerings are ready to make the management and growth of your micro lending business easy and effortless.

Our creditors management software can be used in any size of micro lending business, from small, single offices to big groups and even banking institutions.

Our microfinance management software caters for any micro lending setup, from running your business centrally over the Internet or just managing your business locally in your office.


Is a complete onsite, customisable loan management system. Delfin includes loan documents and contracts, integrated authenticated collections, card pay-outs, credit bureau account updates and credit checks.


Is an online, browser-based, creditors management system. No installation is required and with its easy-to-setup design, it allows for customization to fit your business model. With Webfin you can view reports, approve loans and manage clients from anywhere.


Is an online loan application portal that integrates with your current website, allowing your clients to apply from anywhere and enabling you to manage the applications on Webfin.









Unlike the use of other forms of authentication, such as passwords or tokens, biometric recognition provides a strong link between an individual and a data record. As such, we use biometrics to reduce fraud and minimise risk via fingerprint technology to authenticate collections. A borrower can seamlessly be granted a loan and additional sets of fingerprints can be added per client, allowing members to collect a loan on behalf of the client, ensuring positive identification.

Electronic signature pads

From complex documents to simple contracts, documents can be signed anywhere, anytime and become legally binding* in minutes, using any smart device. Once a customer signs electronically, the signature is merged into a PDF document which cannot be tampered with. Furthermore, with Delfin’s CRBS, an owner or head office can view signed documents remotely and manage agreement processes.

Electronic Signature Pads offer an easy, cost-effective, secure and legal solution to signing documents online. What’s more, you’ll save on storage space and printing costs, as there is a once-off cost when the unit is purchased, with an easy set-up experience.

*The Credit Act makes provision for electronic signatures in Chapter 1, Part A, Interpretation (Pg. 15 of the Act): If a provision of the NCA requires that a document must be signed or initialled by a party to a credit agreement, that signing or initialling may be effected by use of an advanced electronic signature or an electronic signature. However, if a (normal) electronic signature is used, it must comply with the following requirements. The signature must be applied by each party in the physical presence of the other party or an agent of the party; and the credit provider must take reasonable measures to prevent the use of the consumer’s electronic signature for any purpose other than the signing or initialling of the particular document that the consumer intended to sign or initial.
Provision is also made for electronic signatures in the Provisions of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002.

Document scanning

Scan and save documents directly into the Delfin system, which will allow you to streamline your processes and transform your businessfrom paper to digital.

Back-up solutions

Automatically back-up your Delfin data to one of our highly-secured cloud servers on a schedule selected by you.

SMS solutions

Save time, effort and costs by creating batch automated templates to send to your customers. The SMS Portal is an integrated module where single or batch SMSes are sent directly from Delfin. Templates are created, which allows you to select which client information is included in the SMS (for example: Client Number, Overdue Amount, Repayment Date, etc). Once the template is created, a batch SMS is sent out. A record is kept of all outgoing SMSes and the receiver is able to reply via SMS. The SMSes sent are immediate, there is no waiting period.

Central reporting

View data remotely and instantly anywhere, anytime. The data gets sent to a central server on a daily basis where it can easily be downloaded. This allows the user to view multiple sets of data from a central point. The data can be viewed separately per office, or as a summary for all offices. This system includes an offsite back-up system to ensure maximum security, making data retrievable immediately in case of hardware/software failure or computer theft.

SACRRA membership

As a member of SACRRA (the South African Credit & Risk Reporting Association), your business has the opportunity to participate in an ever-growing shared database of credit and risk information, currently updated every month with over 50 million records. Having to uphold SACRRA’s Code of Conduct can assist members in reinforcing their standing and integrity with consumers, consumer bodies, Government and regulators across a range of aspects.






Credit protection insurance

Credit protection is a add on to customers current loan and Delter has partnered with various providers for credit protection. List provided on request.

Debt collection

Integrate with debt collection software to help manage your bad debt book. The system includes the printing of legal documents, allocating attorney costs, status management and reporting.


Set up your LMS to effectively export summarized transaction totals to Pastel.

Credit checks

Delter can provide integrated credit checks through Compuscan and TransUnion. This will allow you to work on one platform doing the affordability while granting a loan. A credit check forms part of the Affordability Assessment Guideline as set out by NCR in February 2015. The credit check through Delter is a full consumer report on an individual and assists in making the credit granting decision. The credit checks work on a reciprocal basis, which means the client and loan data is submitted directly from Delfin and Webfin through the SACRRA data hub and is displayed on all five consumer bureaus in South Africa.

Pay systems

Delter’s systems are integrated with NuPay and ALPPS on various platforms including MPS and DebiCheck.

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